Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

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Well the day we've been crafting for since January first has finally come! If we haven't started already, we move on to St. Patrick's Day cards and Easter cards after that! Just thought I'd share one last Valentine's day project with you all. It's something that would work with any holiday really, just by changing out the stamps and colors. I did this early this morning because I forgot to buy paper to wrap my husband's present. Luckily I keep the paper bags my Studio Calico kits come in and a light flickered in my head, up-cycle! I've seen it done before, so I'm not going to act as if I am the first ever to come up with the idea. But, I really like how it turned out and love that I could up-cycle the bags. These bags are awesome. I actually usually save them for rolling out sticky doughs. The inside of the bags are coated in a slick material that the dough doesn't stick to. However the coating served a purpose for today's project as it helped stop the red Distress Ink and Copic marker from bleeding. Had I used a plain old paper bag I think I would have had some problems. Granted the Copics did bleed a little, but it wasn't too bad. :)

The picture above is truer to the actual colors. The hearts are hot pink, not red. But I suck at photography. So here's what it looked like all wrapped up, but the colors are a bit off. I tried to fuss with it, but my editing skills also suck. ;)

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I hope everyone has a wonderful day, regardless of gifts, treats, or flowers. Sprinkle love on everyone who makes you smile today, even a furry friend.

Inky and glittery fingers for all!


  1. love this! Looks great on the kraft paper!

  2. This turned out really great. And the red and white twine adds that special touch. Thank you very much for being the newest follower on my blog. I'm a follower of yours too. See ya in blogland and Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Hi Their- I was reading your profile and you are from Hawaii...how cool... Love all your projects you got going.... Great wrapping for your hubby and he sure is going to love you for this..... I'm also your newest follower.... you have some great inspiration here on your blog...Stop by and check my blog out too....
    Have a great V-Day......