Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lets take it from the top ...

Well lets see ...I've been scrapbooking for about two years now.  I started card making for a nonprofit called Operation Write Home ( after my friend Tamra told me about them.  They have people hand make cards to donate to the troops overseas to send back to their loved ones at home.  Often time there's nothing to write a letter home when you've left the wire and you're out in the thick of it, other than the packaging that comes with your MRE (meals ready to eat). Plus as someone who knows what it's like to have a husband in Afghanistan and Iraq, receiving a hand written note or card means so much!

So far I've made 75 cards all by myself, which gets costly.  So I started an Etsy shop (  to sell a few cards here and there to make a lil extra to help offset the cost.  In reality it's probably costing me more to sell them, but the high from selling a card to a complete stranger is pretty awesome.  haha.  Maybe once I establish a rapport with the Etsy community maybe I can up my prices a little to actually make a profit. 

I also love love love to scrapbook.  It's a sickness I tell ya!  In my less than two years doing it I've already filled five books!  Now I've found a bigger binder like book that can hold more than the standard book.  Hopefully I can stop myself from having a gazillion books and maybe only a million now.  It doesn't help (oh but it really does!) that I've been taking online scrapbooking classes with videos from Two Peas in a Bucket.  The ladies that run the classes are so inspiring!  I am becoming so much better at scrapbooking and card making from all their innovative techniques!

Thanks for reading my boring blog.  Maybe I'll get with the program and take it to another level soon.

Inky and glittery fingers for all!

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