Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pleased to announce I am now on the SYC Design Team!!

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I was soooo excited to find out I had been chosen for the SYC design team!! I have waaaay too much scrapping materials! I am even too ashamed to let my crafty friends see my little craft nook because I have stuff laying everywhere!! It's not my fault I keep telling myself, you only have a quarter of an already small room to work with! Sure, that may be true but it doesn't mean I have to become a hoarder with my paper or my buttons. I like how with the SYC DT you have to use up your old stuff, you can't buy new stuff! I must admit I still buy things that aren't consumables like stamps or die cut templates. For now the only consumables I buy are adhesives and my Studio Calico kit, but hey, I'm under contract!! lol Seriously though more stickers, no more washi tapes, no more buttons, no more mists, no more twine, and for goodness sakes no more PAPER!! I have a Doodlebug paper cube and it's completely full, what is wrong with me?? Gah! I've also been consumed by cards as of late, which is awesome, I love making them! However, my poor scrapbook hasn't had a new page made for it since December up until now!!! This will now change!

So for my first ever SYC DT project it was to use washi tapes! Yay, I only have about a gazillion of those laying haphazardly all over my craft nook, easy peasy! I lined them up on a piece of scrap cardstock I had laying on my floor (srsly, what is wrong with me?) and layered on top of some of the thicker washi tapes so that they were nearly all the same width. Then I cut flags at the bottom, alternating between larger deeper flag cuts and smaller flag cuts. I used that as a mat for the adorable picture of my cat and my husband. Before I added the photo I sprinkled mists all over the cardstock and the washi piece I made with drips and splats. Then once that dried I added the photo and the chipboard & stickers. I journaled a little then decided I needed more embellishment, so I made my own with more washi tape, cardstock, stickers, buttons, and twine. All of course I had on hand! Egads!!!

Click the link below to check out the SYC blog! Lots of inspiration and awesome ways to use up all the stuff you've been hoarding for that Zombie scrap apocalypse attack that will surely come! You know the one where she that has the most scrapbooking materials lives the longest? Right, lol!

Inky and glittery fingers for all!


  1. Congratulation on your position as DT! :-) LOL luv that picture & sentiment, and usage of tapes!

  2. YAAAAHHHHHHH BFF!!! MAJOR CONGRATS!!! So happy to hear that you made it on a new DT!!! Love your project!!! And love your part deer/part cat, lol!!!

    Crafty Hugs,
    Jessica (BFF)

  3. LOVE that page, it makes me giggle with delight every time I look at it. We are so happy to have you at SYC

    Please stop by my blog to accept an award

  5. Gaby, this page is awesome- the picture is just so funny! I LOVE Pig Bear, but he doesn't even look real, lol! Your use of the washi tapes is wonderful and looks great on this page. I have a feeling we are going to have SO much fun at SYC! :-)